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 Angelus Slate

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Angelus Slate

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PostSubject: Angelus Slate   Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:39 am

Name: Angelus Slate

Age: 25

Race: Cat Faunus

Strengths: Very catlike and extremely light on his feet. generally a very good fighter.

Weaknesses: Loki note: he's got a weakness for fish. has an extreme dislike of Atlas.

Appearance: Angelus has blonde hair, cat ears, eyes and tail. commonly found wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans when not on missions. when on Missions he wears a long brown duster several armor plates that cover his chest, left shoulder hips and shins.

Semblence: Temporal Semblance Replication (copies a single Semblence for up to an hour, unsure the full potential of this ability) also has the ability to channel elements to his weapon as well as his allies, just to a lesser degree

History: Was experimented on by Atlas military in an attempt to fuse multiple Auras and Semblences. with minor success in this, it lead to his ability to channel elements into his and his allies weapons.
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Loki Azure

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PostSubject: Re: Angelus Slate   Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:19 pm

before anyone askes. I am the one who put the Loki Note in there. lol.

"I am Faunus and Human, I'm probably the only one who knows the cruelty of both sides, but I also know the kindness that is in them too." - Loki

-Site Owner
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Angelus Slate
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